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To the discriminating flutist, the new musician, the hobbyist, the collector, the impressionist, and the young to the old, I present the RingFlute, a freshly inspired offering, like no other instrument out there.
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The RingFlute
A white ABS RingFlute

Ring Flute (Black or White ABS)

The high quality ABS version. A portable and durable instrument that is easy to clean. Our best seller!

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A black ceramic RingFlute

Ring Flute (Black or White Ceramic)

The high quality ceramic version, produced using precise 3D printing technology. The result is an instrument that is seemless, gorgeous and an absolute masterpiece of workmanship.

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A Dark African Wood RingFlute

Ring Flute (Dark African Wood)

A high-end, classy, and professional choice for collectors or the person that has everything. Made of a dark African hardwood called Bubinga.


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Additional Options

You can also make a custom order with any metal. Visit my 3D shop. (Please plan for 4 weeks lead time).


We ship the same day as the order is placed.

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$6 for the ABS model
$9 for the Ceramic model
$16 for the Wood model

RingFlute in hands.
The Story

The Story

A Yangshuo, China street and marketplace.

The idea for a circular flute came from some of my travels. On the other side of the world, in Yangshuo China, I was mesmerized by a Cantonese street performer (a very gifted bamboo flute player). Over a two-week period, I sat on the street corner for hours a day listening to him play.

On my last day in the area, I tried describing a South American Ocarina flute to him using only hand gestures (I cannot speak Cantonese). The ocarina’s hollow football shape was not easy to describe. However, I found a piece of garden hose littered in the street that maybe could assist me. I placed the ends together, end-to-end. That was not really the shape I had intended and more than anything I think that I just really confused him. So, I walked away nodding my head, wondering what he thought this dumb foreigner might be trying to do with a piece of garden hose.

South American Ocarina with flower decoration.

Over the next few days on the train, I had plenty of time to think and the garden hose shape kept popping up in my daydreams. I began to wonder… what if? Could it work? Maybe?

Eleven years later, thousands of man-hours, money, research and development spent, and the RingFlute was born. I hope that you enjoy it and I welcome your comments, suggestions, insights and testimonials.

Snapshot of the 3D printing proccess.

The RingFlute was created and tested with the help of numerous flutists and hobbyists during every step of the design process.

James Johnson, inventor of the RingFlute

Colorado Rockies The Creator

The Creator

James Johnson, the inventor of the RingFlute

Life is so wonderfully unexpected. I have met such interesting people from all over the world that I would never have met had it not been for the ringflute. For that I am truly grateful. I thank you for all the kind words and great stories that you have shared.

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Customer Reviews

"I've been able to get the ringflute to play in almost 3 octaves. I can hit 9 notes on the low register."

"what a quirky instrument..........I LOVE IT!!"

"I love how different the ringflute is and how it sounds. It does have a natural tendency to play sharp. As I became more familiar with the ringflute, I am now able to adjust the air flow to make it play in tune."

" So I received this as a gift on my birthday. My friends are all music junkies! It turned out to be quite the conversation piece."

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