Frequently Asked Questions

What is it made out of?

The RingFlute is made out of a high quality ABS material (you can choose black or white). We also have a high end ringflute made of a dark African hardwood. The sound on the wooden one is similar to a native American Flute. A gorgeous museum quality instrument for serious instrument collectors!

What key is it in?

At this time, the $79 ABS RingFlute is in A key only. The $699 African hardwood ringflute is in the key of G.

How many fingerholes does it have?

6 finger holes on the top and 1 on the bottom. The fingerings are similar to a South American Ocarina.

Can you tune it?

In this respect, the RingFlute is similar to an Ocarina from South America. That is, it cannot be tuned.

How big is your company?

It is just me!I did the drawings, built a couple hundred prototypes in my garage and eventually worked with a 3D molding and manufacturing company in Minnesota. Next, I had some temporary consultants field test it and do the sound clip for me. Regarding the sound clip, it was done in a basement on a PC... not very high tech.

Is the RingFlute easy to clean?

Yes, the $79 ABS ringflute is very easy to clean. You can run water through the instrument and lay it holes down on a towel to air dry. The wooden ringflute must be cleaned with a cloth.

Is it durable?

The ABS RingFlute is made out of an impact resistant ABS. One of the best qualities of the RingFlute is that it is perfectly suited for the outdoors. Attach it to your backpack on hikes, bikes, rafting or use it around the campfire.

Can you sell the RingFlute wholesale in quantities?

This question has come from different music shops around the world (so far in the past month alone we have orders placed from the UK, Canada, Israel and the US). The simple answer is yes! You can email me by clicking the "contact us" button for the exact details.